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Captured And Knocked Up: Historical Western Bundle

Included in this explicit bundle are the following titles:

Mail Order Bride: Spanked Into Submission

When Debbie is betrothed to a man she's never met, West, she's more nervous than excited to meet him. She's surprised to find out he's a muscular, handsome, and rich cowboy, but that's not the only surprise West has in store for her. Soon she finds herself being stripped of not just her clothing but her previous life as West dominates her completely.

The Sheriff's Obedient Little Girl

Sheriff Joe Tanner has seen it all, but never imagined he would stumble upon a lost, beautiful woman in a torn dress in his rough West Texas town. Claire Dunhill (if that is her real name) is hiding a dangerous secret, and if she is going to get away with it she needs to give in to the Sheriff's every last desire. As she is spanked, controlled, and regresses to a childlike obedient state, Joe becomes more attached to the point where the line is blurred between who is controlling who.

A Willing Captive

Sarah is widowed, and the last thing on her mind is love, let alone sex. So when a gunfight breaks out between two outlaw groups and she's carried off to safety by the cocky outlaw, Jack Wallace, she doesn't know how to react. Jack will do the thinking for her as he presses his luck, making Sarah question everything as she gives into her deepest desires to let her body be used in every way by the rugged outlaw.

Jack wants her badly, and when Jack Wallace wants something he takes it…

Stolen By The Texan Outlaw

Clarissa is arraigned to be married to Jeff, an abusive man of high stature who seems more interested in making her feel horrible than establishing a relationship. She feels doomed to her fate until one day in the tavern Red, the famous wild west outlaw, steps in for a drink and Jeff makes the mistake of trying to treat him the way he treats everyone else.

A drunken brawl, a desperate plea, and a crazy idea leads to Clarissa riding out of town on the back of Red's horse. Alone with a notorious outlaw, she realizes that he's the type of man to take what he wants, and what he wants is Clarissa's virginity.

From Mayor's Daughter To Willing Whore

Samson's a rough, wild west outlaw who breezes through town with hopes of starting his own business. Victoria's the mayor's daughter, who thinks she's too good to be in the company of anyone else at the tavern she decides to have her first few drinks at.

Samson just sees a potential conquest.

Drunk, timid, and in the company of a far more experienced man who won't take no for an answer, will Victoria maintain her illusion of holier-than-thou high standing or will Samson take her rough, hard, and unprotected as he ravages her body in public?

Violated By The Sheriff And The Outlaws

Elle and Jackson are the perfect team of robbers, with Jackson providing the muscle and Elle playing the part of the sweet innocent girl. Together, they've been able to con their way through most of the south… that is, until they're caught by the sheriff and thrown in jail.

There's only one bargaining chip left to prevent them from being brought to justice – Elle.

The sheriff wants her badly, but isn't just content with Jackson watching – he wants to take Elle rough and without protection until she begs for more, and that means he'll need Jackson stretching her out her at the same time. Elle will have to choose between finally admitting defeat and going to trial, or letting the outlaw and the sheriff ravage her body. 

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