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Horace Walpole

The Castle of Otranto

The Castle of Otranto is considered to be the first «Gothic» novel — that is, containing a combination of tropes, like hidden passages, haunted paintings, mysterious sounds, skeletal ghosts, ancestral curses, and unexplained deaths, that essentially invented the genre later made famous by authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, or Henry James. Walpole made a point of creating a novel that blends supernatural elements with more realistic depictions of characters and events.
The plot centers around Manfred, the lord of Otranto Castle, who has just witnessed the death of his son under mysterious circumstances, just as his son was about to be married. Manfred is thrust into a galloping and melodramatic series of events that lean heavily on the supernatural.
Walpole initially published The Castle of Otranto under a pseudonym, claiming that his work was a translation of an ancient Italian manuscript. This framing, along with the purposely archaic writing style, gives the supernatural airs of the novel a decidedly authentic flavor. In later editions Walpole acknowledges his authorship.
Otranto remains a fast-paced and familiar read, thanks to the variety of recognizable tropes it introduced and made popular.
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    ser­vant, who had not stayed long enough to have crossed the court to Con­rad’s apart­ment, came run­ning back breath­less, in a frantic man­ner, his eyes star­ing, and foam­ing at the mouth.
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    It was sug­ges­ted by a dream from which he said he waked one morn­ing, and of which “all I could re­cover was, that I had thought my­self in an an­cient castle (a very nat­ural dream for a head like mine, filled with Gothic story), and that on the up­per­most ban­is­ter of a great stair­case I saw a gi­gantic hand in ar­mour. In the even­ing I sat down and began to write, without know­ing in the least what I in­ten­ded to say or re­late.”
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    Hor­ace Wal­pole was the young­est son of Sir Robert Wal­pole, the great states­man, who died Earl of Or­ford. He was born in 1717

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