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Jane Isaac

Beneath the Ashes

The floor felt hard beneath her face. Nancy opened her eyes. Blinked several times. A pain seared through her head. She could feel fluid. No. She was lying in fluid. When a body is discovered in a burnt-out barn in the Warwickshire countryside, DI Will Jackman is called to investigate. Nancy Faraday wakes up on the kitchen floor. The house has been broken into and her boyfriend is missing. As the case unravels, DI Jackman realises that nothing is quite as it appears and everyone, it seems, has a secret. Can he discover the truth behind the body in the fire, and track down the killer before Nancy becomes the next victim?
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  • Mariah Dunlaphar citeretfor 5 år siden
    As he stared at the rear entrance, two CSIs shuffled through. One carried what looked like a stretcher, the other a green body bag. Mac waved them over.
    Jackman frowned, “You’re using a stretcher?”
    Mac nodded. “He’s fragile. I need to keep him as intact as possible.”
    Jackman watched as they hooked gloved hands around the shell of the charred remains. The body appeared to be stiff, the right arm glued to the side of the head on one side. A CSI with a camera stepped forward and clicked, recording every movement. They gently transferred it across to the stretcher. More flashes. They were almost there, rising to a standing
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    ups and downs
  • Alīna Strumpehar citeretsidste år
    unrelenting support through all the ups and downs with my writing

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