Mikael Engström

Thin Ice

Where would you rather live — in a lonely flat with your drunk father, only bearable when your big brother is home? Or in a small, snowy village with a frozen lake, where your aunt burns books to keep the house warm, and a girl called Pi makes your heart beat a bit too fast, and your cranky old neighbour teaches you to catch fish that look like ice dragons, and a hawk owl watches out for you by night? Mik has been skating on thin ice his entire life. When he is forced to leave his new home with his aunt Lena, he leaves behind icy northern Sweden and all his new friends, and his life becomes a living nightmare. Through forests and along train lines, over rapids and waterfalls, Mik is determined that nothing will stop him from finding home at last. Shortlisted for the German International Children's Book Prize
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    Published 2011
    by Little Island
    128 Lower Baggot Street
    Dublin 2
    First published as Isdraken by Rabén & Sjögren, Sweden, in 2007.
    Published by agreement with Rabén & Sjögren Agency.
    Copyright © Mikael Engström 2007
    English translation copyright © Susan Beard 2011
    The author has asserted his moral rights.
    ISBN 978-1-908195-00-5
    All rights reserved. The material in this publication is protected by copyright law. Except as may be permitted by law, no part of the material may be reproduced (including by storage in a retrieval system) or transmitted in any form or by any means; adapted; rented or lent without the written permission of the copyright owner.
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    Maissae Hmthar citeretfor 3 år siden

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