Karen Casey

Getting Unstuck

Change the Direction of Your Mind and Uncover Your True PotentialA spiritual self-help guide teaching you the 12 principles that will transform your way of thinking and lead you towards living a better life.
In Getting Unstuck, bestselling recovery writer Karen Casey invites you to work through the 12 principles in her Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow and to dig deep into your patterns of behavior, to determine where you’ve gotten stuck in your life. Learn where the boundaries should be drawn between yourself and others and to:
Stop holding others emotional hostageAvoid turning caring into controlLet loved ones find their own higher powerFind their own free and peaceful lifeA simple 12 step guide with an inspirational outcome. Presented in a workbook format, readers write down and explore their answers to specific questions both to discern what's causing them unhappiness or stress and to develop strategies for getting unstuck.
Deepen and broaden your understanding of the peace that comes from being responsible for yourself and letting others do the same. Casey's characteristic gentle prodding and profound insight helps you discover your wisdom and inner strength.
If you enjoyed books that helped you discover your self like Drop the RockCodependent No More, or You Are a Badass, then you’ll love Getting Unstuck.
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    b8138639722har citeretfor 2 timer siden
    Don't be embarrassed by your dreams. They are God given, I believe. I think God can read our hearts even when we don't voice our thoughts. He is ushering to our minds what we have yet to say out loud.
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