True Irish Ghost Stories

A classic collection of real-life ghost stories from all across Ireland.
Banshees wail, poltergeists wreak havoc, and specters track bloody trails through the halls of historic manor houses in True Irish Ghost Stories, a chronicle of spirit sightings around the Emerald Isle. Originally published in 1916, this classic compilation was the first to call attention to the legacy of lost souls that makes Ireland one of the most haunted nations in all the world. Spanning the country from the North to the South, and from the staid city streets of Dublin to the fog-shrouded country lanes of Kilkenny and Cork, the ghostly activities recounted here form a web of weird experience that encompasses all of Ireland down through the ages. Thrill to these tales of authenticated supernormal experience, and marvel at ghostly incidents that throw into prominence the extraordinary superstitions and beliefs of Ireland and her people.
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