W.M. Kirkland

Hot & Rescued

This boxed set contains the first four books in the 2 Hearts Rescue series.
Rescuing Love
When Jay's lover returns looking for a second chance, he realizes this could be the opportunity he needs to save 2 Hearts Rescue. Except Cody left once, and Jay can't lose both things he loves--the rescue and his lover.
Striding Home
Former jockey, Aricelo came to 2 Hearts Rescue to see the horse whose bad wreck during a race had left him an amputee and changed his life forever. Not only does he find the horse, but he also finds his former lover Danny. The past wasn't what it seemed and Danny's also trying to find a new life and career for himself. Perhaps both of them can find the future together.
Rescue & Redemption
A jockey with PTSD is no good on the race track, so Reyes takes the advice of his friend, Aricelo, and comes to 2 Hearts Rescue. There he meets an ex-con with a knack for construction who, along with Badger, a horse no one can get close to, holds the keys to rebuilding Reyes' life.
Rescuing the Millionaire
After a riding accident left Phillip paralyzed, he drifted away from his lover, Sebastian. A chance meeting at 2 Hearts Rescue reignites flames long thought buried. When he watches Sebastian compete at a show jumping competition, Phillip realizes that not only can he have his lover back, but also a life with horses.
A portion of the proceeds from 2 Hearts Rescue books goes to support animal rescue and education efforts.
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